WVBI COVID-19 Update for September 3, 2020

In a press conference yesterday Governor Whitmer hinted that she may have more “soon” on answers to question the Michigan High School Athletic Association has raised about fall sports down state.  That could also shed some light on when gyms, theaters, entertainment venues and the like will be allowed to reopen downstate.  Word could be out in the “coming days” according to the governor.  Up North and in the U-P some fall sports are on because those zones are in a different recovery phase than downstate.


Things continue to look good for school on the island in F2F mode, and fall sports, too.  Safe Start data for our zone show the positive test rate at 2.2%, which is in the low risk zone.  The number of new cases per million is 17.8, which is medium risk and still dropping quickly. Health Center report this morning shows nothing new. No more tests run to add to the total so far of 168.  Of those, 160 are back as negative, two pending and six positives—with five of those for folks who’ve left the island and the remaining one more than 30 days old. 


State health officials reported 524 new confirmed cases yesterday.  There were 14 new deaths. There are now 103,710 confirmed cases since the crisis began.  Of those 20,324 are active.  Death toll stands at 6,509. New case seven day running average is down again to 644.  Average for deaths is up one to 12.  M-I Safe Start Map which is still based on data from last Saturday shows a state-wide positive test rate running average at 3.0%, which is just slipping into the low risk zone and the average new case per capita rate state-wide is at 44.7 per million, which is at the low end of the high risk zone.  It looks like that number will move down a risk zone in the next few days if its current downward dive continues. 


Our region had 13 new cases in yesterday’s reports. Two in Benzie, one in Emmet, six in Grand Traverse, one in Kalkaska and three in Leelanau. One new death here in Charlevoix, which is our third. Overall total of cases in our region is 877 of which 330 are less than 30 days old. There have been 31 deaths overall.  Rolling averages are 15 new cases a day and no deaths.  In the U-P there were 23 new cases and no new deaths in yesterday’s report. They now have 1,029 total cases with 476 active and 19 deaths. Averages are 15 new cases a day, no deaths. 


Full county-by-county data for our region are in today’s script online along with state and region totals, plus rolling averages. 


Data from 9/2/2020



Weather forecasters are warning about dangerous conditions on west Michigan beaches, especially downstate.  Eight foot and bigger waves are forecast in the southern part of the lake and the weather service says we could see seven footers up here.  Fortunately for the battered east side of the island, this blow is coming out of the west, but the lake is forecast to be rolling all around.  Probably best to plan small craft adventures and swimming on the big drink for another day.