WVBI COVID-19 Update for July 20, 2020

Amid swirling controversy over enforcement of her masking order, Governor Whitmer doubled down in another executive order on Friday that tightens requirements. Among other things, it says that businesses must ask customers that don’t have a mask whether they have a medical condition that prevents mask use—rather than assuming that they do have such a condition. Some had expressed concern that asking such questions violates a federal law protecting people with disabilities, but the new order makes clear the question is required. Businesses that fail to enforce the governors order put their licenses at risk. However, masks will not be required at polling places—just encouraged.
Over the weekend, state officials reported big jumps in new cases—1,821 new cases. There were also 18 new deaths recorded, but some of those were reclassifications. That brings totals to 73,663 confirmed cases since mid-March and 6,119 deaths. As of Friday, the state says there are 55, 162 recoveries—which taking into account deaths leaves 12, 382 active cases. Moving average of new cases continues to move up. It’s now at 601. Deaths remain steady, though. Current average per day is 10.
On the island, two more tests have been run bring the total to 124. Four more tests that were pending are back as negative bring that total to 121. Just two tests pending. Still only one positive test and that case is classified as recovered.
In our region, the confirmed case count is up 20 cases to 427. No new deaths. New cases are in Antrim with two, Benzie with five, Charlevoix with one, Grand Traverse with six, Kalkaska with three, Leelanau with four. Otsego had no new cases and Emmet is down one case due to a reclassification. [Antrim 27 cases, still no deaths. Benzie is at 20 cases and one death. Charlevoix has 36 cases including one from the island, and two deaths. Emmet is at 40 with two deaths. Grand Traverse is at 112 cases with six deaths. Kalkaska has 32 confirmed cases three deaths. Leelanau at 51, no deaths. Otsego confirmed case count is at 109 with 10 deaths.] U-P is up 31 cases to 336. Death toll remains the same at 18.