Back to school in person this fall?

Governor Whitmer was on C-N-N last night saying that she hopes to allow schools to open this fall for in person classes, but she won’t do it if it is not safe—and she says she is very concerned about that now. If the Governor sticks to the plan announced a few weeks ago, schools will open for in person classes if they are in a zone of the state that is at Phase 4 or higher of her recovery plan. Here on the island, our zone is now in Phase 5.
A look at the current and historical COVID-19 data for northern Michigan shows that things would have to deteriorate dramatically for the region to drop back to Phase 3 or below. Downstate, the picture is less clear.
Looking at data for our region of the state as defined in the recovery plan, the new case rate per million ran up from mid-June to July 1st, but has been falling so far this month. Meanwhile, the daily testing rate hit its all-time high for the region on Saturday with 1,201 tests run. Positive results have been inching up since mid-June when they were at point six percent. They are now at 2.4 percent, but still classified as representing a low risk. Nevertheless, state official yesterday moved our region and the U-P from their low risk bucket to a medium risk because of increased cases and increased positive tests.
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