WVBI COVID-19 Update for September 8, 2020

Today is back to school day for B-I-C-S students—the first day of school since March 14th when everything shut down.  Teachers have desks spaced out and masks will be required in the halls.  Hand sanitizer is everywhere.  Be sure to watch out for kids headed to and from school. 


Downstate, a U-S Federal District judge has issued an order that restrains Detroit police from using tear gas, batons, and rubber bullets against peaceful protestors.  Detroit’s police chief says the order changes nothing because “[e]very time we’ve had to use less-than-lethal force, it’s been to address violence by protesters, resisting arrest, or when they’ve tried to take over an intersection in violation of the law…”.  Protestors claim otherwise.  The order is a temporary injunction that expires in two weeks.  Before then, the court will hold additional hearings on preliminary relief as the case proceeds.


State health officials reported 1,156 new confirmed cases.  There were four new deaths. There are now 107,371 confirmed cases since the crisis began.  Of those 19,997 are active.  Death toll stands at 6,538. New case seven day running average is down is up to 700 due to changes in reporting. It had been at 600.  Average for deaths is down one to eight.  M-I Safe Start Map which is still based on data from last Saturday shows a state-wide positive test rate running average at 3.2%, which is just slipping into the low risk zone and the average new case per capita rate state-wide is at 48.2 per million, which is at the low end of the high risk zone. 


Our region had 14 new cases. One in Antrim, two in Benzie, two in Emmet, seven in Grand Traverse and two in Otsego. One new death reported in Emmet. Overall total of cases in our region is 934 of which 363 are less than 30 days old. There have been 32 deaths overall.  Rolling averages are 11 new cases a day and one death.  In the U-P there were 22 new cases and no new deaths. They now have 1,151 total cases with 493 active and 19 deaths. Averages are 22 new cases a day, no deaths. 


Full county-by-county data for our region are in today’s script online along with state and region totals, plus rolling averages. 



Data from 9/7/2020


Safe Start data for our zone show the positive test rate at 2.2%, which is in the low risk zone.  The number of new cases per million is 25.9, which is medium-high risk.


Health Center report this morning shows nothing new. No more tests run to add to the total so far of 168.  Of those, 160 are back as negative, two pending and six positives—with five of those for folks who’ve left the island and the remaining one more than 30 days old.