WVBI COVID-19 Update for March 24, 2020

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer’s stay at home order is now in effect. And the result is even less activity downtown than normal for this time of year with almost everyone at home until April 13th. You are OK to go out for food, medicine and other essential things—and to work if you job is essential. On the mainland, grocery stores
Still no reported COVID-19 cases on the island. In a bid to minimize exposure here the Beaver Island Emergency Services Authority has issued an advisory stating that the island shouldn’t be consider a safe haven and urging that anyone arriving on the island from the mainland self-quarantine for 14 days. That includes folks on the island who make trips to the mainland. The B-I-E-S-A has formed a COVID-19 management team made up of Health Center Director Tammy Radionoff, E-M-S Director Cody Randall, St. James Supervisor Kitty McNamara, Peaine Township Supervisor and B-I-E-S-A board member Bob Turner.
Island businesses continue to adapt to a COVID-19 world. The latest is McDonough’s Market. They’ve reduced hours to 10 to 4 Monday through Saturday, keeping 11 to 1 for Sunday. More significantly, they are asking that customers call or email in orders in advance so that items can be picked from the shelves, bagged and ready when you arrive. This is to limit exposure for all involved. That’s especially critical for the market staff so they can be sure to keep the store open. . Number to call to order groceries is 231 448 2733. Store email is Island Energies has reduced their hours. They’re now open from 10 to 4 Monday through Saturday and from 11 to 3 on Sunday. Powers Hardware has has also cut back hours. They’ll be open 10 to 3 Monday through Saturday. That’s a change from a plan to close up altogether on Saturday. They are offering curb-side service if you’d prefer not to come into the store. Just call ahead to 2572 to set that up with them. The BIC Center remains open with a limit of five guests in the building at a time. So, none of the regular activities are going on, but you can drop in to use the PCS, printers, internet or rest rooms.
If you feel you need to stay at home, Charlevoix County Transit has plans to help with that. They’ve eliminated fares and are providing delivery service to help folks get food and other essential supplies. To arrange for delivery groceries, meals, medicine and other necessities, please call their dispatch desk at 231.582.6900. The C-O-A can help with that, too. Local director Kathy Ehinger says she can deliver food or other supplies to seniors as needed. Just give her a call at the office at 448-2124 or after hours on her cell phone at 231-620-5199.
A reminder that the Health Center has established protocols for responding for patients that may have the virus. There is a separate screening room and a separate entrance will be used. If you think you may have the virus, you should call the Health Center at 2275 before coming in and follow their directions. The Health center now has COVID-19 testing kits on hand—but just three of them for now. So they will have to be used judiciously. For tips from our health center pros on what to do, listen to our Beaver Island Perspectives program with them first broadcast on Friday. It’s available as a podcast on W-V-B-I dot net. Just go there and click on the podcasts menu.
Dalwhinnie’s and the Shamrock are continuing their takeout service: Dalwhinnie’s service is clustered around lunchtime from 10 to 1 Wednesday through Sunday with a limited menu-but they are trying to accommodate special requests. Shamrock will be open Monday through Saturday from 4 to 7 with an expanded menu from last week, including daily specials. Check the W-V-B-I COVID-19 info page for details or just call the restaurants for details and to place your order.
Speaking of the W-V-B-I COVID-19 info page, you can find that by going to W-V-B-I dot net and scrolling down a little. There’s a button for it right there. You’ll find official information from the townships, our latest COVI-19 news and updates as well as state and federal news and resources.

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