WVBI COVID-19 Update for June10, 2020

IN COVID-19 news, M-Live says in a report today that epidemiologists say Michigan is all but assured to experience a second wave of COVID-19 infections in the fall and winter months. Wjat’s unknown, they say, is how bad it will be. And that depends a lot on how seriously people take measures designed to limit spread of the virus. Experts are concerned already about spread caused by protests against police brutality. Meantime, since reopening many businesses on May 22nd, northern Michigan has seen a slight bump in cases. Spread could be limited by herd immunity, but experts say we are a long way off from that. Herd immunity requires 60 to 70 percent exposure rates, and they estimate we are at about five percent.
Those concerns notwithstanding, Statewide data on COVID-19 continues to look good. Yesterday, 108 new cases were reported and 25 deaths. That brings totals in the state to one short of 59, 107 cases and 5,698 deaths. Total recoveries are at 42,041, which leaves just shy of 17-thousand cases. That’s the lowest active case count since April 5th.
Running averages continue to look good as well. Seven day moving averages stand at 197 cases 21 deaths.
Island situation remains stable despite many trips tip the mainland and an influx of returnees since mid-May. 80 tests run. 77 of those are back as negative. 2 pending. Still only one back as positive.
In our region, total confirmed case count is up three to 221. Death toll remains stable at 20—no change in that since May 12th. County by county data are unchanged except for Grand Traverse where there is one additional case, which is the third increase in as many days. Data for the rest of the counties we’ve been watching is unchanged, but in today’s script online if you are interested. [Otsego confirmed case count is at 102 with 10 deaths. Emmet is at 21 with two deaths. Grand Traverse is at 34 cases with five deaths. Charlevoix has 16 cases including one from the island, and one death. Kalkaska has 20 confirmed cases two deaths. Antrim 12 cases, still no deaths, Leelanau at 11, no deaths. And Benzie is at five cases and no deaths.] Up in the U-P, they are up four cases to 124 confirmed cases. Death toll is stable at 16.