WVBI COVID-19 Update for July 21, 2020

The argument over the use of federal law enforcement in Portland has managed to spill over to Michigan after President Trump said we would send federal law enforcement to other cities including Detroit. Governor Whitmer says there’s no reason for that. She says that Detroit has been peaceful for two months and that if the President really wants to help he’d encourage Mitch McConnell to pass the HEROES Act.
Meantime, new COVID-19 cases continue to pile up in Michigan. The daily report released yesterday afternoon showed 489 new confirmed cases bringing the total to 74,152. Seven day moving average is up again to 633. Seven deaths were reported yesterday, which makes the total toll 6,126. Average remains stable, though, at 7—which is the lowest it has been since the start of the crisis. If you look at the first surge in cases, the death rate seemed to track with up to a 20 day lag and its now been well more than 20 days since the current uptick in cases started—so perhaps the stable and low death rate will hold. Time will tell. On the island, no new tests reported. The tally is at 124. All but three of those are back as negative. Two are pending. Still only one positive test and that case is classified as recovered.
In our region, the confirmed case count is up 10 cases to 437. One new death in Kalkaska bring them to four deaths and the region to 24. New cases are in Emmet with one, Grand Traverse with seven and Leelanau with two. No new cases elsewhere. Current numbers are in today’s script online. [Antrim 27 cases, still no deaths. Benzie is at 20 cases and one death. Charlevoix has 36 cases including one from the island, and two deaths. Emmet is at 41 with two deaths. Grand Traverse is at 119 cases with six deaths. Kalkaska has 32 confirmed cases, four deaths. Leelanau at 53, no deaths. Otsego confirmed case count is at 109 with 10 deaths.] U-P is up 18 cases to 344. Death toll remains the same at 18.
So far this year there’s been COVID-19. Murder hornets. Flame thrower armed squirrels from North Korea. Nuclear power plant attacking mayflies. A comet Neowise flyby. We’ve survived them all. And just when you thought it might be safe to go outside with a mask at a safe social distance, reports start swirling that another asteroid is on a collision path with Earth. In November. Oh, oh. But, it turns out not so much. First of all, even if the thing was coming straight at us, it isn’t that big and is likely to break up in the atmosphere. And, the math in the YouTube video that started all the fuss is apparently a little off. That’s all according to Mike Murray, an astronomer from the Delta College planetarium interviewed by M-Live. Any pieces that actually impact Earth are expected to take out the murder hornets and the flame throwing squirrels anyway, so rest easy. So, instead you can worry about the wrm weather. M-Live weather experts say it is supposed to be warmer than usual in Michigan at least through August. On the other hand, September and October are expected to be a bit warmer than normal, too.