Updated Townships COVID-19 Statement

The Townships have updated their COVID-19 Statement in response to the governor’s latest order requiring face mask use, among other things. The full text is below or you may download it here<>.

“Protect Yourself, Protect the Island”

Céad Míle Fáilte (100,000 Welcomes) to our Summer Visitors
Go Raibh Maith Agat (Thank you) to our Residents and Businesses

As we Islanders and visitors navigate the uncharted waters of the current health crisis, let’s continue to do so together for the benefit of all. Because we took strong steps in the beginning, we are safer here today. On July 10, 2020, Governor Whitmer issued an Executive Order requiring everyone to wear a mask in public indoor and crowded outdoor spaces or face a misdemeanor charge that comes with up to a $500 fine. The Executive Order pertains to Beaver Island too. We often think of our Island as being a bit independent and as a place where people care about each other; following this executive order is a way to reflect that caring attitude.

If you are travelling to the Island, or live on the Island, make sure you understand what is expected by your transportation providers, your lodging hosts, businesses, restaurants and bars: check websites ahead of time and follow their procedures. Thank you in advance for following these guidelines and making it easier on everyone to protect the Island:

* Wear a Mask. Now Required in public indoor spaces and crowded outdoor spaces; businesses are now required to refuse entry to those not wearing a mask.
* Respect Social Distancing. Even at the beaches, outdoor dining establishments, businesses, on the sidewalks and trails; maintain physical distancing between your group and others.
* Wash your Hands. Yes, often and thoroughly.
* Monitor your Health. Pay attention for COVID-19 symptoms: Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath. Check website for up to date information about self-monitoring. If you suspect you’ve been exposed, you are asked to get tested and to self-quarantine.
* If you are concerned about your health, contact the BI Rural Health Center. If you are ill, do not travel to the island. If you become ill while on the island, do not go out of your home. The Rural Health Center is open for regular business; please call ahead to make an appointment so staff can provide social distancing and alternate entrance if Covid-19 testing is requested. There are plenty of testing kits available.
As of July 16, 2020, the Beaver Island Rural Health Center is reporting that 122 patients have been tested for COVID-19: 117 have come back negative and 4 are pending; 1 came back positive in early June. If a result comes back positive, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan’s communicable disease team begins case investigation and contact tracing.
A Note from BIEMS Director: If you have a medical emergency, go to the nearest phone and dial 911 and do not hang up, there may be a short delay. Do not be leery of calling 911 if you have an emergency. Proper protocols are in place and there is hospital capacity in the northern Michigan area; do not put your own health in jeopardy through reluctance to contact 911 because of fear of COVID-19.
For updated information click on the “Coronavirus 19” Link on either township’s homepage or Kathleen McNamara, Supervisor St James Township Phone: 231.448.2014

William Kohls, Supervisor Peaine Township Phone: 231.448.2389