Townships Update COVID-19 Guidance

“Protect Yourself, Protect the Island”
Céad Míle Fáilte (100,000 Welcomes) to our Summer Visitors
On June 1, 2020 Governor Whitmer rescinded the stay at home order which opens up travel opportunities for residents in Michigan as short-term rentals are now available. Transportation providers, local motels, summer rental homes and businesses are ready and waiting for you. Rental hosts have been making plans to reopen and are encouraged to follow strict cleaning regimen and turnaround time for guests.

We strive to be good hosts and hope that you will strive to be good guests. If you are travelling to the Island make sure you understand what is expected by your transportation providers, your lodging hosts, businesses, restaurants and bars: check websites ahead of time and follow their procedures. Thank you in advance for following these guidelines and making it easier on everyone to protect the Island:

* Wear a Mask.
* Respect Social Distancing.
* Wash your Hands.
* Monitor your Health. Pay attention for COVID-19 symptoms: Fever, Cough, hortness of Breath.
* If you are concerned about your health, contact the BI Rural Health Center. If you are ill, do not travel to the island. If you become ill while on the island, do not go out of your home.

As of June 3, 2020, the Beaver Island Rural Health Center is reporting that 77 patients have been tested for COVID-19: 74 have come back negative and 2 are pending, 1 has come back positive. If a result comes back positive, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan’s communicable disease team begins contact tracing.
For updated information click on the “Coronavirus 19” Link on either township’s homepage or
Kathleen McNamara, Supervisor St James Township Phone: 231.448.2014

William Kohls, Supervisor Peaine Township Phone: 231.448.2389