Positive Test and Contact Tracing on Beaver Island

News that there is now one positive COVID-19 test for an islander has raised questions about contact tracing. Beaver Island EMS director Cody Randall, Beaver Island Rural Health Center director Tammy Radionoff and Health FNP Cecilia Peasley have discussed those steps with WVBI in prior editions of Beaver Island Perspectives. You can listen to those shows as Podcasts on the WVBI webpage. Go to and click on the Podcasts menu. Or use these direct links:
March 13 Beaver Island Perspectives (COVID-19 Response Plans with Tammy Radionoff and Cecilia Peasley): March 26 Beaver Island Perspectives (EMS Director Cody Randall and BIRHC Director Tamyy Radionoff on COVID-19 Planning):
We’ve also discussed contact tracing with Health Center volunteer Dr. John Martin in other editions of Beaver Island Perspectives:
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Township supervisors responded to the inquiries today as well:
Because of patient confidentiality, no one can speak about the case of a specifically named person.
In the case of a positive test, the Health Department of Northwest Michigan has public health jurisdiction over Beaver Island and they began contact tracing for the positive case on Beaver Island as soon as they were contacted by the BI Rural Health Center. The process for Beaver Island is the same as in the rest of northwest Michigan. The health department has/will contact persons who have reason for direct concern in this case.
This case brings home the fact that Beaver Island is not immune to this virus. It reinforces the need for people on the Island and those returning to the Island to follow strict health procedures: * Wear a Mask. * Respect Social Distancing. * Wash your Hands. * Monitor your Health. Pay attention for COVID-19 symptoms: Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath. If you are concerned about your health, contact your health care provider. If you are ill, do not go out of your home and do not travel to the Island.
The Health Department of NW Michigan has much good information on its website including, in their words: resources designed to “provide all types of businesses with ideas, guidance, and information on creating a reopening plan that aligns with the Governor’s latest executive order(s). Ultimately, employers must determine their own Response and Preparedness Plan that works with their business procedures and locations to keep their employees and clients safe.” The site also includes good information to assist individuals and families to plan and make decisions that will protect them and their family during a COVID-19 outbreak. Their website includes a Household Checklist for families to follow.
Kathleen McNamara, Supervisor St James Township Phone: 231.448.2014<>
William Kohls, Supervisor Peaine Township Phone: 231.448.2389<>
Additional information about contact tracing can be found at these links:, … –,00.html<,9753,7-406-98810-524191–,00.html> … 4832_7.pdf<>