MI Masking and other broad mitigation requirements to end July 1

At a press conference this morning, Governor Whitmer announced some big changes to her “MI Vacc to Normal” plan. As of June 1, capacity limits will lift for outdoor events. Indoor capacity limits will increase to 50%, allowing for larger indoor social gatherings such as weddings and funerals. Throughout the month of June, people who are not yet fully vaccinated will still be required to mask up while indoors. As of July 1, the mask mandate and all broad mitigation measures will be lifted. In the original MI Vacc to Normal plan, curfews on bars and restaurants were to be lifted at 60% vaccination. However, at yesterday’s press conference, it was unclear when the curfew will be lifted in the updated plan.


This is a big change up to her prior plan, which was tied to vaccination rates and seemed unlikely to result in a lift of most mitigation requirements until after summer.  That alone would be big news for the day, but later today Michigan legislative leaders and the governor’s office separately announced that they had reach an accommodation on working together on future pandemic orders as well as the budgeting process that has been holding up billions in federal aid available to the state. The trigger for that is said to have been the governor’s decision to withdraw a proposal to make numerous COVID-19 workplace rules permanent.  Business leaders had vocally opposed that plan, which was viewed as a sidestep of limits on the length of time MIOSHA could impose temporary rules.  Word is that MIOSHA will issue revised workplace rules reflecting the revised state rules and CDC guidance.  For now, those rules—which require masks for some workers and still require work that can be conducted from home to be done there—remain in place.