News Update

Key Election Results for Beaver Island

In the Presidential race, Donald Trump won in Peaine 132 to 107 with Hillary Clinton winning St. James 109 to 104. In the race for U.S. Congress, Jock Bergman won both townships—117 to 93 in St. James and 134 to 102 in Peaine. For our state representative, Triston Cole beat Wyatt Knight in Peaine 145 to 87 and won in St. James 120 to 90.


The Township supervisor race in Peaine was razor thin with Bill Kohls prevailing 117 to 110 over Doug Tilly. In St. James, Kitty McNamara won handily over incumbent Bill Haggard 150 to 78. For township clerk in St. James, Alice Belfy won 131 to 81 over write in candidate Dawn Marsh.

Finally, the EMS ballot proposal in St. James won by a landslide with 181 votes in favor and 44 against.

[This story was updated to correct an error in the vote count for Triston Cole in Peaine Township.]