J&J COVID-19 vaccine sidelined for now; Island vaccination clinic continues with others

Following FDA and CDC guidance, Michigan has paused use of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine after a handful of blood clotting incidents in recipients.  6.8 million doses of the vaccine have been used and there are only 6 clotting reports. Still, the FDA and CDC say the safe thing to do is pause and investigate. Meantime, vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna remain available.  The J&J vaccine was not planned to be used at the island vaccination clinic, so this morning’s announcement does not change anything for that clinic. 

In related news, Michigan is coming under increasing pressure from Washington to reimpose lock-downs across the state to fight off increasing COVID new case rates and ballooning hospitalizations.  Governor Whitmer has asked the CDC to redirect more vaccines to Michigan, but that request has been denied.  The CDC director says that won’t help. The governor’s team disagrees with that assessment and, for now, has only elected to extend the current restriction on in-office work for another six months rather than reimpose other limits that have been relaxed.