News Update

Community Calendar for Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

From studios in the BIC Center on America’s Emerald Isle, this is the W-V-B-I Community Calendar for Tuesday, March 31st, 2020.
First, some news…
Bridge magazine and others are reporting that Governor Whitmer’s administration is preparing to close public and private K through 12 schools for the balance of the year. Seniors previously on track to graduate would do so and other students on track to advance a grade would advance. Funding for the school districts would continue assuming they continue to pay their teachers. Some form of remote learning is also expected to be part of the plan. The Governor has already said that the odds of schools reopening this year were slim.
As of Monday afternoon, 6,498 people in Michigan had tested positive for COVID-19. That’s up by 1,012 since Sunday. The Michigan death toll rose 52 on Monday. It now stands at 184. Still no reported COVID-19 cases on the island, and not a lot more cases reported up north. Just one more case in TC and one more in Kalkaska. Cases above the bridge now at 6, which is up 3, though.
Still, state officials say there are no signs that day-over-day increases are going to slow any time soon and that there is a growing need for more personal protection equipment, hospital beds, ventilators and qualified health care personnel. Shortages in some areas in Michigan loom, they say.
The Governor yesterday banned non-essential vet visits. Telemedicine for pets is being encouraged.
In other—but non-COVID-19—animal news. You may remember that a few weeks ago Levi Connor with the help of others rescued an injured bald eagle on the island. The Eagle went off island for treatment at Wings of Wonder. Our Beaver Island Boy is ready to come home, but ther eis a snag. His nesting patterns need to be determined to protect any fledgings he left behind before a release date can be set. Folks on the island are working on setting up a go fund me account to cover the costs of that. Details to come tomorrow.
Island fire and E-M-S personnel want you to practice situational awareness. Don’t do things that put you at risk. Like go out on the ice. Or out on the big lake in small craft. Or hike trails you don’t know. That’s because emergency responders have to take extra steps to protect against COVID-19 when responding, which can slow response. Less charitably, they don’t want you to do dumb things. So, don’t. And, they remind you to check the batteries in your smoke detectors—and you do have a family evacuation plan in place for your house, right?
The chaos of COVID-19 has pushed what otherwise might have been a big news story into the back ground. That’s the 2020 Census. Because of concerns about travel, a lot of island residents who would normally be headed back to the island from winter adventures won’t be getting back to the island on time, and that means they won’t be seeing census mailings in their P.O. Box or mailbox up here. Those forms can be forwarded, but you can still complete the census online showing Beaver Island as your residence. Just go to 2020-census dot gov and, when you are asked for the code from your census letter, click the box saying you didn’t receive one and go ahead and enter your Beaver Island address. Of course, it is important for all island residents to complete the census because those number will be used to allocate resources for the next 10 years.
The upcoming May election will have a ballot issue on it for the Char-Em I-S-D. Right now, the Department of Elections is encouraging everyone to vote absentee. St. James Township clerk Julie Gillespie says she is waiting to hear if they will move to absentee only. Absentee ballots should be available soon, she says.
A reminder about changes at island businesses that remain open. The Station, McDonough’s Market, Dalwhinnie’s, the Shamrock and the Brewery have all moved to curb-side service only until further notice. Hardware will do the same if you like, but you can go inside if you need to hunt something down. Place your order in advance by phone or email. They’ll bring your order to you at the curb. Phone numbers and emails are available on our COVID-19 info page.
Remember, if you are feeling flu symptoms and feel you need to go into the health center, you need to call ahead at 2275 and follow their procedures. If you are having trouble breathing—remember, call 9-1-1—not the Health Center.
Looking for the latest island info on COVID-19? Check the W-V-B-I COVID-19 info page for details. You can find that by going to W-V-B-I dot net and clicking on COVID-19 Info in the menu at the top. You’ll find official information from the townships, our latest COVI-19 news and updates as well as state and federal news and resources.
Now, here’s what’s happening on your island… Nothing on the calendar for the week ahead. There was a St. James regular meeting set for 5:30 Wednesday, but that’s been cancelled. If you have suggestions for other online events that would be of interest – let us know and we’ll add them to the calendar and pass them along.
You can find information on events planned for the summer on our Discover Beaver Island Summer calendar. Just point your browser at summer dot w-v-b-I dot net.
Weather, here there and everywhere – presented every day with the support of your McDonough’s Market:
Today Cloudy, with a high near 41. Northeast wind 5 to 10 mph. Tonight Cloudy, with a low around 33. Northeast wind around 5 mph. Wednesday Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 45. Light northeast wind becoming east 5 to 10 mph in the morning. Wednesday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 30. Calm wind. Thursday Mostly sunny, with a high near 44. Calm wind becoming south around 5 mph. Thursday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 33. Friday Partly sunny, with a high near 48. Friday Night A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 35. Saturday A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 44. Saturday Night A chance of showers before 2am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 33. Sunday Partly sunny, with a high near 46. Sunday Night Mostly cloudy, with a low around 34. Monday Mostly sunny, with a high near 46.
TRAFFIC: None. Nada. Zip. Critter count: 33 turkeys including one stubborn one in the road.. Roads holding up well as the thaw continues, but, let’s be careful out there.
BIRTHDAYS: None on the list today, but if we missed you on our list, Happy Birthday to you from all of us at WVBI and your Beaver Island Community Center.
ON THIS DAY in 1889 Eiffel Tower officially opens. Towering nearly a thousand feet over the streets of Paris, Gustave Eiffel’s monument to the centenary of the French Revolution is formally dedicated. Many French intellectuals deem it an eyesore, but it will come to be regarded as a harbinger of the modern age and a cultural icon of France.
WORD OF THE DAY plenary which means: complete in every respect : absolute, unqualified; also, fully attended or constituted by all entitled to be present.
In the 14th century, the monk Robert of Brunne described a situation in which all the knights of King Arthur’s Round Table were present at court by writing, “When Arthures court was plener, and alle were comen, fer and ner.…” For many years, plener (also spelled plenar) served English well for both senses that we reserve for plenary today. But we’d borrowed plener from Anglo-French, and, although the French had relied on Latin plenus (“full”) for their word, the revival of interest in the Classics during the English Renaissance led scholars to prefer purer Latin origins. In the 15th century, English speakers turned to Late Latin plenarius and came up with plenary. (Plenarius also comes from plenus, which is the source of our plenty and replenish as well.)
Now, to wrap up for this Beaver Island Tuesday…
Here’s a thought for the day from John Lennon “If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry‘.” On a lighter note: Why are is the math teacher such a good dancer? He had algorithm.
That’s the W-V-B-I Community Calendar for Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. I’m Kevin Boyle reporting from the pest free Hogarth Pest Control Studios of the Voice of Beaver Island wishing you a great day and asking: why not go ahead and make it the best day ever? And, thanks for listening.