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Community Calendar for Monday, September 19th, 2022

There’s another joint planning commission meeting set for this afternoon at 3:00.  It’s another work session on updates to the master plan for the island that will guide planning and enable grant opportunities for the next five years.  That’s out at Peaine Township Hall.


Both Governor Whitmer and her opponent in the race for governor this fall…Tudor Dixon…are criticizing a Michigan Department of Education training video suggesting teachers not tell parents about their child’s gender orientation. Tudor raised the issue on Friday and asked whether Whitmer agreed with her.  Not long after that the Governor called on the Department of Education to make changes to “continue bringing parents’ perspectives into the work you do.”


The midterm elections are coming up on November 8th, and advocates are reminding Michiganders it’s time to plan now on how and when to cast their ballot. Mark Richardson has more.

:48 Outcue…I’m Mark Richardson


The midterm elections are coming up on November 8th, and advocates are reminding Michiganders to plan now on how, when, and where they will cast their ballots. Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day, and nonpartisan groups such as the League of Women Voters and Promote the Vote say that now is the time to register or ensure their registration is up to date. They also encourage people who want to be more involved in the democratic process to consider becoming a poll worker. Christina Schlitt with the League of Women Voters of Michigan says it’s essential to ensure that the process goes smoothly.


:13 “We’re all trying to encourage our members to be poll workers. We think it’s important to lend to the public perception of the integrity of the process with the League being a trusted source.”


It’s also National High School Voter Registration Week. Schlitt says to emphasize the importance of getting young people involved, the League is sponsoring competitions across the state with prizes for the most registrations.


Sharon Dolente with Promote the Vote says Michiganders can register online, by mail or in person at a clerk’s office or the Secretary of State’s office up to and including Election Day. She says it’s also a good idea to make sure you are still registered.


:15 “We encourage folks to check their registration online, which they can do at the Michigan Voter Information Center, because sometimes, particularly in the last couple of years with the pandemic and stuff, folks may have moved just to make sure that they’re registered at their current address.”


Dolente says there are resources for people with more questions.


:12 “There’s a nonpartisan voter protection hotline. If folks have any questions, concerns, and they need to talk it through with someone, or they can’t find the information, it’s 866-OUR VOTE (687-8683).”

A trail cam in the U-P has captured images of a genetically rare black bear with white fur – often called a “spirit bear”. This marks only the fifth time a “spirit bear” has been confirmed outside of British Columbia, which means this Michigan animal is genetically a one-in-a-million bear, according to the nonprofit North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota. There’s a link in today’s script to am M-Live story with more info…and pictures.  

Now, here’s a look at what’s happening on your island…


Here’s your meeting planner for the week: Today, there’s a Joint Townships Planning Commission Meeting at 3:00 to continue work on updating the master plan for the island.  The D-N-R has a Zoom meeting this evening at 7:00 to discuss proposals to ramp up salmon stocking in Lake Michigan. Waste Management Committee meets Tuesday at 1:30.   BIA Board meets that afternoon, too, at 4:00 in a meeting that’s open to the public. St, James Public Works Committee meets Wednesday at 11:00 and the Joint Telecommunications Committee meets Thursday at 4:30. Meeting details and locations are in the calendar entries online.


On the fun front today, Monday, Senior Chair Yoga is back after a hiatus.  It starts at 9:30 in the Hangout at the BIC Center. Tennis is on over at the municipal courts from 10 to noon.


Tuesday, The Arthritis Foundation Exercise program is on at 9:00 in the Hangout. Pickleball is on at 10:00 over on the new Peaine Township Park courts.


Wednesday, Senior Chair Yoga at the BIC Center at 9:30. And, BINGO at Gregg Fellowship Hall.  Doors open at 6;15 for Fellowship and the games start at 7:00. Only a few more Bingo nights left this year.


Thursday, Pickleball is from 10 to noon on the Peaine Township Park court.  At 1:00 at the library there’s Story Hour. Also, at 1:00, Games Galore in the Hangout at the BIC Center until 4:00. And Euchre returns this week.  Games this year are at the Whiskey Point Brewery. Cards hit the table at 7:00.


Friday, Tennis starts at 10:00 and runs to noon over on the municipal tennis courts. The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program starts up in the Hangout at 10:30…it’s new for fall time…and runs until 11:30. And Friday marks the Fall equinox—officially at 9:03 local time Friday evening. The equinox is the moment when the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator, heading southward.


Saturday, the Trails Association has a work day planned for the new Middle Perron Trail. Meet at the intersection of Camp 3 and Greenes Lake Trails. Pickleball is on at Peaine Township Park from 10 to noon. Story Hour is on at the library at 10:00. C-M-U Biological Station has its annual Community Appreciation dinner set for the evening.  Things get underway at 6:00.  There’ll be appetizers and drinks, and then dinner.  Come out mingle with your fellow islanders, celebrate C-N-U’s work this year and enjoy the last whiffs of summer on Big Sand Bay.  


Sunday there are services at Holy Cross, the Christian Church, the Episcopal Mission, and the Lighthouse fellowship.  Times and more details are in the calendar. Downtown Farmer’s Market is on from 11 to 3 behind Daddy Franks on King’s Highway. 


Looking ahead, on September 30th and October 1st, get set for the return of Beaver Tales to the BIC Center stage and, the weekend after that, movies roar back into the BIC Center Theater with a Double Gun showing of both Top Gun movies on October 8th…the original at 4:30 and Maverick at 7:00.

BIRTHDAYS:  Colt Maudrie, Gavin McNeil and Don Langford are celebrating today.  Happy Birthday to Don, Gavin and Colt, and if we missed you on our list, Happy Birthday to you from all of us at W-V-B-I and your Beaver Island Community Center.

TRAFFIC:  No delays inbound or outbound to the airports save for cars slowing down and occasionally stopping to pluck apples from the right of way. And the deer are busy nabbing them, too.  So, let’s be careful out there—especially around the school.

ON THIS DAY in 1893, New Zealand is first country to give women the vote. Following some 20 years of activism and a 32,000-signature petition, Governor Lord Glasgow gives Royal Assent to a bill granting adult women the right to vote, and New Zealand becomes the first country to achieve the milestone. US women will gain voting rights 27 years later.

MERRIAM-WEBSTER WORD OF THE DAY: Our word of the day is haywire (adverb or adjective) [HAY-wyre] which means “being out of order or having gone wrong” or “emotionally or mentally upset or out of control.” It is often used in the phrase “go haywire.” The noun haywire refers to a type of wire once used in baling hay and sometimes for makeshift repairs. This hurried and temporary use of haywire gave rise to the adjective (and sometimes adverb) haywire. When the adjective was first used in the early 20th century, it was primarily found in the phrase “haywire outfit,” which originally denoted a poorly equipped group of loggers, and then anything that was flimsy or patched together. This led to a “hastily patched-up” sense, which in turn gave us the now-common meaning, “being out of order or having gone wrong.” The “crazy” sense of haywire may have been suggested by the tendency of the relatively weak and rust-prone wire to fail at inopportune times, or to get tangled around legs, or possibly to the disorderly appearance of the temporary repair jobs for which it was used.

Now, to wrap up for this for Beaver Island Monday

Here’s a thought for the day from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second: “Let us not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom.”


On a lighter note: Why did the cow do jumping jacks? She was practicing her cow-listenics.

That’s the W-V-B-I Community Calendar for this Beaver Island Monday, September 19th, 2022. I’m Kevin Boyle reporting from W-V-B-I’s Langford Family Studios wishing you a great day—and asking you: why not go ahead and make it the best day ever?  And, thanks for listening. 



Sunny, with a high near 74. West wind 5 to 10 mph.


Mostly clear, with a low around 60. Southwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.


Mostly sunny, with a high near 72. Southwest wind 5 to 15 mph.

Tuesday Night

A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after 5am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 59. South wind around 10 mph.


A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms before 8am. Mostly sunny, with a high near 70. Breezy, with a northwest wind 10 to 15 mph increasing to 15 to 20 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 25 mph.

Wednesday Night

A 30 percent chance of showers after 8pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 45. Breezy.


Partly sunny, with a high near 60. Breezy.

Thursday Night

Mostly clear, with a low around 40. Breezy.


Sunny, with a high near 65.

Friday Night

A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 49.


A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 66.

Saturday Night

A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 51.


A chance of showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 67.

Out on the Big Drink:


NW wind 10 to 15 kt becoming WSW in the afternoon. Sunny. Waves 1 to 2 ft.


SSW wind 10 to 15 kt. A slight chance of showers between 10am and 4pm. Waves 1 to 2 ft.


WNW wind around 15 kt. A chance of showers and thunderstorms. Waves 1 to 3 ft.

Fire Danger Level: High

Water Temps: 69 in Little Traverse Bay, no report at White Shoal and 68 at the mid-lake buoy southwest of Gull Island.

Photos from Buoy Camera at station 45002




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