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Community Calendar for Monday, July 9th 2018

Today is Monday, July 9th, 2018. I’m Kevin Boyle, with today’s W-V-B-I Community Calendar.
First, some news:
Primary elections are coming up soon here in Michigan. To vote in them, you need to be registered where you live. If that’s here on the island, you can get registered by dropping by either of the township offices. The deadline to do that and vote in the primary is today-July 9.
Events over the weekend were a big success. Nice turn-out for the CMU plays Thursday and Friday. Great shows. Big turnout for the McDonough Memorial Concert on Saturday. Lots of great music there enjoyed in the shadow of towering pine trees. We’ll have the full concert up as a podcast shortly.
Here’s what’s happening on your island :
Yoga today at the BIC Center as part of the summer Yoga program. Today’s classes are basic yoga at 9:30 and therapeutic yoga at 11. All proceeds benefit the BIC Center.
The CMU Biological Station is offering a college credit biology class for high school students this week. You can earn 3 college credits in just a few weeks with a fun class that will use the island as a lab. Classes start today.
Also today, the Beaver Island holds its annual meeting from 4 to 6 here at the BIC Center. You don’t have to be a member to attend. The BIA helped get the birding and water trails going, is working on internet issues and has helped with many other issues on the island concerning environmental and economic sustainability. So, if you are interested in any of those things, you might want to attend. Full disclosure. I serve of the BIA board.
Tuesday, the Beaver Island Transportation Authority holds its regular monthly meeting. 12 noon at the transportation building across from the ferry terminal.
Tuesday evening, a movie here in the Robert Gillespir Memorial Theater at the BIC Center. Finding Your Feet. On the eve of retirement a middle class, judgmental snob discovers her husband has been having an affair with her best friend and is forced into exile with her bohemian sister who lives on an impoverished inner-city council estate. Rated PG-13. Showtime is 7.
Wednesday, the Historical Society hosts another picnic at the Point out at the Lighthouse lawn. That’s at noon. St. James township has its Public Works meeting at 3 at the Governmental Center across from the school and board meeting at 5 at the Transportation Building-not the township hall because the WaterWays exhibit is there. Those are both at the Transportation Authority building. Bingo is back at the Gregg Fellowship Center. Doors open at 6:15 for fellowship. Games start at 7.
Thursday: Farmers market out at Paradise Bay Coffee Shop starts at 9.
Ongoing events include the Water|Ways exhibits out at Whiskey Point. There are interactive displays both in the ST. James Hall and at the C-M-U Boathouse. Silent auctions with items on display are underway both here at the BIC Center and over at the Heath Center. The one here helps support the Community Center and WVBI. The one at the Health Center helps support the Wellness Garden over there. And, don’t forget the resale shop out on Donegal Bay. Their name is island treasures because that’s what they have out there. Shopping at the resale helps support the Fire Department.
More information on all of these events along with all events we know about on the island is on the w-v-b-I BIC Center community calendar at calendar dot w-v-b-I dot net. We try to get all events on the calendar, but if we’ve missed your event you can easily add it yourself by using the handy “Post Your Event” button in the upper right of the calendar or by sending an email with the details to calendar at w-v-b-I dot net. And here’s the great thing. If you post your event on our calendar, it shows up on all sorts of online calendars automagically – Joe Moore’s News on the Net Calendar as well as community calendars on the township websites, the BIBCO website, Real Estate One, Baroque on Beaver, the music festival and others. Plus folks get to hear about it on the air and see it on the digital signage network around town and across. That’s why we say … it’s one and done with the W-V-B-I Community calendar … the best way to get word out about your event on Beaver Island.
Weather, here there and everywhere – presented every day with the support of the good folks down at Powers Hardware:
Today Isolated showers after 11am. Mostly sunny, with a high near 80. Southwest wind around 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
Tonight Mostly clear, with a low around 60. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.
Tuesday Sunny, with a high near 78. West wind around 5 mph.
Wednesday Sunny, with a high near 78. North wind around 5 mph becoming southwest in the morning. OUT ON THE BIG DRINK:
Today WSW wind around 10 kt. A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after 11am. Waves 1 to 2 ft.
Tuesday Variable winds 5 kt or less. Sunny. Waves around 1 ft. Conditions at 8 this morning here at the Pest Free Hogarth Pest Control Studios of W-V-B-I: a comfortable 69 degrees with winds out of the W at about 10 mph. Humidity is up to 76%. The pressure was 29-point-53 and steady. Dew point 62. Visibility 10 miles.
Around the island at 8: it was 71 at Whiskey Point, 67 at McCaulley’s Point, 67 on Greene’s Bay, 68 down at Lake G and at the W-V-B-I transmitter site it was 70 under hazy summer skies.

Water temps: 65 degrees at White Shoal and 64 at the mid-Lake buoy southwest of the island.
Looking out on Paradise Bay this morning, the Hodgson Enterprises Webcam showed it with just a few ripples and a hazy sky-sail boat at anchor and folks waking up in view. Just Beaver Islander at the dock. Emerald Isle across. You can see what’s going on now by going to w-v-b-I dot net and scrolling down to see the webcam at the bottom.

ON THIS DATE of July 9, 1877, the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club begins its first lawn tennis tournament at Wimbledon, then an outer-suburb of London. Twenty-one amateurs showed up to compete in the Gentlemen’s Singles tournament, the only event at the first Wimbledon.
Today, the Wimbledon is generally regarded as the world’s top tennis championship and is the only major tennis event still played on grass. The Wimbledon Championships are held annually in late June and early July.
Phyllis asks: DID YOU KNOW THAT Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles or snakes? Speaking of snakes, have you seen any lately on the island? They have disappeared at our house.
WORD OF THE DAY: ullage (UHL-ij) which means the amount by which the contents fall short of filling a container, as a cask or bottle. If ever there was a Scrabble word, ullage is that word. The French noun ultimately comes from ouil “eye,” also “bunghole,” from Latin oculus “eye.” The very common Romance suffix -age, prolific in English, comes from Late Latin -agium, a suffix for forming nouns. Ullage entered English in the 15th century. BIRTHDAYS: Over the weekend, Judy Gallagher celebrated a birthday on Saturday. Sheri Timsak, Terry Mooney and Stacy Golden celebrated on Sunday. Today Connie Boyle, Kim Mitchel and Brad Coffell all have birthdays. Happy birthday to all of them. If it’s your birthday and we missed you on our list, Happy Birthday to you, too.
Now, to wrap up for this Beaver Island Monday…
Here’s a thought for the day:
Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.
On a lighter note:
Why does Sarina Williams always win at poker ?
Because she always has aces?
SFX: (wah, wah, waaaaah)
That’s the W-V-B-I Community Calendar for Monday, July 9th, 2018. I’m Kevin Boyle at W-V-B-I’ the Voice of Beaver Island wishing you a great day and asking you on behalf of Greg Doig: why not make it the best day ever? And, thanks for listening.