Beaver Island Essential Services Update from BIESA COVID-19 Team

On Monday, March 23, 2020, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order (EO 2020-21). For at least the next three weeks, all
Michigan businesses and operations must temporarily suspend in-person operations that are not necessary to sustain or protect life, and all Michiganders must stay in their homes unless they’re a part of that critical infrastructure workforce, engaged in an outdoor activity (while practicing proper social distancing), or performing tasks necessary to the health and safety of themselves or their families, like going to the hospital or grocery store.

Following these guidelines is essential on Beaver Island if we hope to decrease the possible negative impact of this looming health emergency. Michigan is 5th in the
number of coronavirus cases in the United States as of March 25, 2020. Each person and each family must consider for themselves the best routines to restrict their
exposure to others. IMPORTANT: New Arrivals to Beaver Island should self-quarantine for 14 days.

The Island’s public and private service providers have done an excellent job of setting up protocols and providing essential services while protecting the population. Both airlines are taking strict safety precautions and are following all directives for the FAA and other regulatory agencies. Here is a summary of services currently being provided on the Beaver Island. For updated information click on the “Coronavirus 19” Link on either township’s homepage or


FIRE, AMBULANCE and other EMERGENCY Services. CALL 911

Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office 231 448-2944

Island Airways – Services for flying, UPS/FEDEX and freight. Please call for more information. or Facebook
231-547-2141 Charlevoix 231 448-2071 Beaver Island Angel Welke 231 448-2374

Fresh Air Aviation – Flying services. Please call for more information.
231 237-9482 Charlevoix 231 448-2089 Beaver Island

Beaver Island Boat Company – Season Pending 231 547-2311

Beaver Island Rural Health Center Call in only – no walk-in service. Provider on site: Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 5:00 pm for acute services only. Please call
for information on all services. 231 448-2275 For all emergencies dial: 911

Charlevoix County Road Commission 231 448-2285

U. S. Post Office Business hours as usual. Social distancing applied at window.

Transfer Station Business hours as usual – Monday thru Saturday 11-5 No assistance given for un-loading 231 448-2228

McDonough’s Market Supplies are good with curbside service only. Delivery services are available. Hours: 10-4 Monday thru Saturday and 11-1 Sunday
Email your grocery order: Call your order in: 231 448-2733

Powers Hardware Open Monday thru Saturday 10-2 231 448-2572 Curb side service available – please call to order.

Island Energies (Gas Station) Curbside service only. Pre-pay for gas, call in/email for groceries. 10-4 Monday thru Saturday, 11-3 on Sunday. Call for more
information. 231 448-2007 Call in order with credit card information or email to:

Dalwhinnie Bakery and Deli Lunch Take Out only. Hours: 10-1 Wednesday through Saturday 231 448-2736 Call to order.

Shamrock Bar and Restaurant Take Out only. Daily menu and specials. Call Monday through Saturday, 4-7 pm only. 231 448-2278 Menu on Forum/Facebook.

Whiskey Point Brewing Company Take Out only. Hours: 5-6 pm Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 231 448-2112

Commission on Aging (COA) Office Hours: Wednesday by appointment only. Food vouchers are available to seniors for take-out at BICS (School) and/or The
Shamrock. Frozen dinners available. 231 448-2124 For help or more information call Kathe at 231 620-5199

Transit Authority Offering expanded transportation and delivery options. 844 792-6900 Please call for more information

Food Pantry Business as usual – 1st Saturday of Month Call Judy Meister for more information and if you need help: 231 448-2963

Charlevoix State Bank Business as usual Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-1

AA Advanced Services Adam Anderson Vehicle Servicing Call for available services: 231 881-6790

• Beaver Island District Library
• Beaver Island Community School
• Beaver Island Community Center
• Beaver Island Resale Shop
• Stoney Acre Grill and Pub
• Donegal Danny’s Pub
• Holy Cross Catholic Church closed for services. Beaver Island TV will live stream Sunday 9:30 am
• Christian Church closed for services. Beaver Island TV will live stream Sunday 11:00 am
• Lighthouse Fellowship

St. James and Peaine Township office buildings are closed. Please leave message or email.

St. James
Kitty McNamara – Supervisor 231 448-2014
Julie Gillespie – Clerk 231 448-2761
Diane McDonough – Treasurer 231 448-2760

Bill Kohls – Supervisor 616 540-1752
Carla Martin – Clerk 231 448-3540 or 231 510-1091
Krys Lyle – Township Information 231 649-1625
Zoning Administrator – Rick Speck 231 448-2000