WVBI COVID-19 Update for April 28th, 2022

The state health team released their first full set of COVID-19 data yesterday in a week and, as expected, it shows an uptick new cases with an average of 1,739 new cases a day…up about 500 a day from the prior report.  But, the number of deaths a day has continued a shallow ramp down and is now at eight statewide. Locally, there were a total of 163 new cases for the entire week and two deaths. Seven of the new cases for the week were in Charlevoix. The deaths were in Antrim and Benzie with one each. Hospital utilization shows a small uptick statewide, but remains fairly normal overall and low for COVID-19.  Locally, there is no change with each of our hospitals housing one COVID-19 patient each.  No change on the island, either. No new cases or tests.