Library Snow Removal Bids Due

November 9, 2018 @ 12:00 pm America/Detroit Timezone
Patrick S. McGinnity, Director
(231) 448-2701

Today is the deadline to respond to the library’s Request for Proposals (RFP) for Snow Plowing/Removal for Beaver Island District Library (BIDL) for the 2018/2019 winter season. Proposals must be received at the Library by noon on Friday, November 9th.

Bid must include a copy of your current driver’s license and insurance coverage as noted below.

Beaver Island District Library reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

The Contractor’s responsibilities when two or more inches of snow, significant drifting, or conditions are unsafe for staff and patrons include:

1. Removal of snow from all sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and maintaining an egress to front door as pre-determined through meeting with Library Director. Please call Patrick McGinnity to set-up an appointment to review the areas where snow is to be removed.
2. Stockpiling of excess snow will be permitted only in areas specified in advance. Snow must be pushed back to maximum to avoid removal and to ensure ingress and egress to building and parking lot spaces.
3. In the event the snow piles accumulate beyond a safe level, the Contractor will remove them or arrange to have them removed by a properly insured sub-contractor.
4. Plowing is to be performed to the standard expected in the area to keep the driveways/lots/sidewalks safe. Common sense is expected.
5. Driveways will be sanded as needed to ensure a safe, walkable, and drivable surface. Ice melt on the sidewalks is the responsibility of Library Staff, and is not a part of this bid.
6. Maintain contact with Library Director to ensure coordination in snow removal.
7. All plowing must be completed by 8:50 a.m. M-F and by 9:50 a.m. on Saturdays. Plowing on Sundays is not required, except as needed to prevent snow from accumulating to unmanageable amounts.
8. BIDL reserves the right to postpone snow removal operations when weather, financial or other conditions necessitate a reduction of the snow removal service.
9. Maintenance of worker compensation insurance, property, liability insurance and auto insurance is required. All documentation should be included with the bid as noted above, and will be verified by the Director prior to implementation of this contract.
10. Contractor shall be responsible for removal of piles of debris and sand at the end of the season and for all repairs or damages to Library property caused by his/her equipment, personnel, or materials used. BIDL shall have the right to reduce the monthly payment for damages incurred by the Contractor to school property. In the spring, all areas of damage to grass from plowing will be filled in with black topsoil and seeded. Any damages and the cost of repair will be reviewed with the Contractor prior to issuing the final payment.

Winter Season 2018

My bid is for $ _______ per hour for use of the primary equipment.

My bid is for $ _______ per hour for use of heavy equipment.

Additional charge, if any, to apply sand to driveway and parking lot (on a per-sanding basis): _____________________

I assure the Beaver Island District Library Board of Trustees that I will perform all needed snow plowing for the entire 2018-2019 school year. I understand that unsatisfactory performance will result in forfeiture of the bid award.

Name ___________________________________________

Address _________________________________________

Phone _____________________ Date _________________