Dave Bennett Jazz Quartet

The BIC Center brings the always-popular Dave Bennett back to the stage again this summer. The show will not only showcase Dave’s incredible clarinet, but his fine voice, as well as his famous “barrelhouse boogie-woogie” piano–and the equally impresive members of his Jazz Quartet.  “We’ll play swing, gospel, blues and rock. People who don’t usually listen to jazz will still like it and relate to it,” Benett said. “I want it to be accessible.”

The multi-instrumentalist, most known for mastering the clarinet, began playing at age 10, around the time he fell for Benny Goodman’s tunes. But he also plays music that “might not spring into your mind as traditional jazz,” he said. “When people think about jazz, they have one idea that pops into their head,” he added. “There’s more to it.”