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Update from McDonough’s Market

The Market has posted the following update on Facebook: Good morning! We have a few updates we would like to get out there, and would appreciate you all spreading the word to those that are not of Facebook. I am trying to create a little “flyer” to put in grocery bags going out that will […]

“Covid Near You” Information Tool

Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School have set up a website to track COVID-19 information called “Covid Near You,” which was recently mentioned on Morning Edition on NPR. The site’s about section says it was created by epidemiologists and software developers at Harvard, Boston Children’s Hospital and a group of volunteers from across the […]

Michigan Small Business Relief Program Grant/Loan Deadline on April 3

The Michigan Department of Economic Development (MEDC) is reminding potential applicants about the availability of grants and loans under the Michigan Small Business Relief Program. The administrator for the program in Charlevoix County is Networks Northwest. Full details are available on the BIA website:

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Reminder: 14 Day Quarantine for Persons Arriving from the Mainland

If you are considering travel from the mainland to the island, please be aware that the Beaver Island BIESA says the island should not be considered a “safe haven” for those seeking to avoid the Coronavirus. The island has a significant at-risk population and limited medical resources. If you must travel (including from the island to the mainland and back), it is essential to take all of the following precautions for self-isolation:

• Abide by all COVID-19 precautions established by charter and commercial transportation companies serving Beaver Island.
• Avoid exposure to other persons at the airports, harbor/marina, and all other points of access. Avoid sharing vehicles and/or riding in others’ vehicles, where the virus can easily be transmitted.
Upon arrival, please plan to self-isolate by remaining on your private premises for no fewer than 14 days.

Order Info for Curbside Pickup

Here is information for advance ordering for island businesses offering curb-side pickup:

  • McDonough’s Market
    • Curb-side Pick-up Only
    • Hours: 10-4 Monday thru Saturday and 11-1 Sunday
    • Phone Orders:  231 448-2733
    • Email Orders:
  • Island Energies
    • Curb-side Pick-up Only (pre-pay for gas)
    • Hours: 10-4 Monday thru Saturday
    • Phone Orders:  231 448-2007
    • Email Orders:
  • Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli
    • Take Out only
    • Hours: 10-4 Monday thru Saturday
    • Phone Orders:  231 448-2736
  • Shamrock Bar & Restaurant
    • Take Out only
    • Hours: 4-7 Monday thru Saturday
    • Phone Orders:  231 448-2278
  • Whiskey Point Brewing Company
    • Take Out only
    • Hours: 5-6 pm Tuesday, Friday, Saturday
    • Phone orders: 231 448-2112
  • Powers Hardware
    • Curb side service available – please call to order
    • Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10-2
    • Phone: 231 448-2572
  • Food Pantry
    • Hours: Normal hours first Saturday of the month
    • call Judi Meister fir info or if you need assistance: 231 448-2963

Contact information for other island resources is in this document from the Beaver Island COVID-19 Response Team: Essential Service Directory

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