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WVBI COVID-19 Update for October 20, 2020

Michigan Health Department’s latest report on COVID-19 outbreaks at K-12 schools shows a 25% week over week increase—jumping from 68 to 84 places with outbreaks and 435 cases.  The number of outbreaks at colleges and Universities was up by a more modest nine percent—but involves 5,368 cases.  However, northern lower Michigan now has no such […]

WVBI COVID-19 Update for October 19, 2020

The number of COVID-19 cases has been surging overall in the state –but not so much in our region.  Friday and Saturday’s reports included 3,806 new cases and 37 deaths state wide.  That brings totals to 144,897 cases—with 30,205 active—and 7,010 deaths.  Average is 1,463 new cases a day and 17 deaths a day. Safe […]

WVBi COVID-19 Update for October 16, 2020

State health officials reported a huge batch of new cases yesterday with 2,030 added to the tally.  That brings new cases to their highest point since back in April. While the surge in cases hasn’t been accompanied by a similar surge in deaths, state health officials remain concerned about the strain on the healthcare system.  […]

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Protect Yourself. Protect the Island.

Here’s the latest advice from the townships…

Céad Míle Fáilte (100,000 Welcomes) to our Summer Visitors

On June 1, 2020 Governor Whitmer rescinded the stay at home order which opens up travel opportunities for residents in Michigan as short-term rentals are now available. Transportation providers, local motels, summer rental homes and businesses are ready and waiting for you. Rental hosts have been making plans to reopen and are encouraged to follow strict cleaning regimen and turnaround time for guests.

We strive to be good hosts and hope that you will strive to be good guests. If you are traveling to the Island make sure you understand what is expected by your transportation providers, your lodging hosts, businesses, restaurants and bars: check websites ahead of time and follow their procedures. Thank you in advance for following these guidelines and making it easier on everyone to protect the Island:

  • Wear a Mask.
  • Respect Social Distancing.
  • Wash your Hands.
  • Monitor your Health. Pay attention for COVID-19 symptoms: Fever, Cough, shortness of Breath.

If you are concerned about your health, contact the BI Rural Health Center. If you are ill, do not travel to the island. If you become ill while on the island, do not go out of your home.

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What’s Open: When & How

Here is information on opening times for businesses and availability of curb-side pickup:

  • McDonough’s Market
    • Store Open with Social Distancing & Masks Required; Occupancy Limits Apply
    • Curb-side Pick-up Available
    • Hours: Monday through Saturday 8 am to 7 pm Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm
    • Hours are changing:
      Monday, August 31-Saturday, Sept. 5: 8-6
      Sunday, Sept. 6: 10-2
      Monday, Sept. 7: 10-2
      Fall Hours begin September 8: Monday-Saturday 8-6; Sunday’s 10:30-1
    • Special Shopping Hours for elderly and health compromised people: Tuesday and Friday 8 am to 9 am
    • Phone Orders:  231 448-2733
    • Email Orders:
    • Website:
  • Island Energies
    • Store Open with Social Distancing & Masks Required; Occupancy Limits Apply
    • Curb-side Pick-up Available
    • Hours: 8:00am-6:00pm Monday through Sunday
    • Phone Orders:  231 448-2007
    • Email Orders:
  • Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli
  • Shamrock Bar & Restaurant
  • Community Center
    • Concession Stand open for meals and snacks
    • Welcome Center and Hangout open
    • Restrooms available
    • Theater open for movies on Saturdays
    • Social Distancing & Masks Required; Occupancy Limits Apply
    • Phone: 231 448-2022
    • Website:
  • Whiskey Point Brewing Company
  • Daddy Franks
    • Dining Room Open with Social Distancing & Masks Required; Occupancy Limits Apply
    • Curb-side Pick-up Available
    • Hours: 7:30 am-8pm Monday-Sunday
      Order online:
    • Phone: 231 448-2570
  • Powers Hardware
  • Food Pantry
    • Hours: Normal hours first Saturday of the month
    • Call Judi Meister for info or if you need assistance: 231 448-2963
  • Resale Shop
    • Store Open with Social Distancing & Masks Required; Occupancy Limits Apply
    • Hours: Noon to 4pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays
    • Call Donna at 448-2797 for more information
  • Eager Beaver
    • Laundry and Car Wash Open Regular Hours
    • No curbside service.  You do the washing yourself just like always. 🙂
  • Circle M
    • Dining Room and Bar Open with Social Distancing & Masks Required; Occupancy Limits Apply
    • Hours: 5:30pm to 8:30 Monday – Sunday except closed Wednesdays
    • Closing for the season on September 27
    • Phone orders: 231-448-2513
  • Paradise Bay Coffee Shop
  • Shipwreck Shirts
      • Open Friday and Saturday 11:00 – 3:00.
      • All 2020 clothing is now 40% off the original price.
      • Contact Lisa if you would like to shop on days they are closed
  • Beaver Island Gallery

    • Open 11 to 4 Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday
    • Online at:
    • Masks and social distancing required while inside
  • Stoney Acre
    • Closed
  • Harbour Market
    • Closed

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