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Community Calendar for Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

While polar vortex experts say cold weather may be on the way later this month, that’s not the forecast for the end of the week.  Instead, many cities in Michigan are looking at record daytime highs and records for warmest overnight temps. Highs on Friday could near 60 downstate. Mid-state will see near fifty highs and the U-P will be into the mid-forties. The low temp in Lansing Friday night is forecast to be 49. On the island the National Weather service says we’ll reach 41 with an overnight low of 30. Our warm point for the week will be tomorrow with a high of 47.

Expected Friday record high temps from NOAA


Outgoing C-M-U president Bob Davies is in line for at least one point two million in payments over the next two years including after his successor is named.  If he chooses, he’ll also wind up with a two hundred and thirty thousand dollar plus job teaching two business classes at C-M-U. The deal was cut last month at a C-M-U board meeting before he announced his resignation.


Up in the U-P, the National Father Marquette Memorial is finally being restored by the D-N-R. It burned down in 2000 after a lightning  strike. The new memorial will showcase the story of the Native Americans already living in northern Michigan when missionary Jacques Marquette landed there in the 17th century. A three point six-million-dollar grant is supporting the work on the monument, which is one of 18 dedicated to the Jesuit missionary.


Time is running out to get your pictures entered in the Everyone’s an  Artist contest for possible display during Museum Week at the Beaver Island Studio and Gallery. Details on requirements and how to enter are in the February 15th calendar entry online, which is the deadline to enter.


The Holy Cross Altar Society wants you to vote…for the picture to be turned into this year’s painting raffle. Becca Foli, Shirley Cole and Lynn Wise submitted the photos under consideration. You need to vote online.  There’s a link in today’s script online:

Note that you can’t vote by making comments.

Now, here’s a look at events happening on your island…


First, your meeting planner for the week. B-I-C-S Booster Club parents meet today at 3:30. A-A meets Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 6:00. Peaine Township Planning meets Wednesday morning at 9:00. St. James Finance meets that afternoon at 1:00. B-I-C-S has a Facilities meeting at 3:30 and Committee of the Whole at 5:30. That’s all for the week. Locations and more details are in the calendar entries online. 


On the fun front today, Wednesday, C-O-A has Cardio Drumming at the BIC Center at 10:00. Over at the Shamrock, it’s Mexican Food Day for lunch and dinner.  C-O-A Bingo is off this week. At 5:00 Wednesday evening it’s Time for Art at the BIC Center. It’ll be the second of two sessions on watercolor painting led by Juli Runberg. Sign up at the front desk. Also, Wednesday evening there’s an Adult Faith Formation class up in the Hangout. That starts at 7:00.


Thursday paddles out with Pickleball. That’s from 10:00 to noon in the Theater at the BIC Center. Women’s Bible Study is also at 10:00 over at the Christian Church. Resale Shop is open noon to 4:00. At 4:00, the Island Roots Gardening Club meets in the Hangout at the BIC Center to discuss creating a community garden. The group now meets monthly at the BIC Center. And Thursday, is Burger and a Beer night at the Shamrock at 5 p.m. Down the street at the Wild Strawberry Cafe it’s Euchre Night. Cards hit the table at 6:00.


Friday, Senior and Vets Coffee and Donuts is from 9:00 to 11:00 at the BIC Center. At 10:00, there’s Pickleball in the theater at the BIC Center while upstairs at 10:30 there’s the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program. Resale Shop open noon to 4:00. B-I-C-S basketball squads are away at Grand Marais for games Friday evening and Saturday morning. Meantime, Friday is a New Moon.  There’s more info at Dark Sky Island dot org.


Saturday, there’s Lego Club at the Library at 1:00. At 2:00, there’s a pre-Solar Eclipse Event at the library.  Learn about the eclipse, why it happens and how you can safely watch it on April 8th. At 2:30 there’s Valentine Party for kids at the BIC Center. It will be an afternoon of fun activities with heart plaster hand printing along with crafts and treats. Saturday movies at the BIC center are at 4:00 and 7:00. The afternoon show is The Tiger’s Apprentice. It’s the animated story of a boy learning new magic to help protect an ancient phoenix. It’s rated PG. At 7:00 is the multiple award-winning Society of the Snow. It’s the true story of a rugby team’s fight for survival after their plane crashes in the Andes. Rated R. The Concession stand will be open for both shows for snacks, a meal, or both.


Sunday, there are services at the Christian Church at 10:00 a.m. and mass at Holy Cross Church at 12:15 p.m. At 4:00 Sunday evening there’s Giggles and Gaggles at the Wild Strawberry Café. Get together with island friends to chat and enjoy some special treats from the Café kitchen from 4:00 to 7:00.


Looking ahead to next week…


Monday starts off with C-O-A’s cardio drumming, Music and exercise in the Hangout starting at 10:00. Evening Pickleball is on at 5:30 in the Theater at the BIC Center. And, Monday is all-you-can-eat pizza & salad night at the Shamrock starting at 5:00.


Tuesday, Talking Threads is on out at Peaine Township Hall. Crafting and yacking from 9:00 to noon. C-O-A Chair Yoga is at the BIC Center in the Hangout at 10:00. Meantime, in the Theater, Pickleball is on from 10:00 to noon. At 10:30 it’s the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program in the Hangout. At 6:00 p.m. it’s time to Get Quizzical at the BIC Center. Trivia starts up at 6:00 p.m. Register your team at

NAME OF DAY: Today’s BIC Center name of the day is Rowan. If that’s your name, head on down to the BIC Center today for a free drink of your choice.

BIRTHDAYS: Laura Oliver and Parker Hogarth  celebrate today. Happy Birthday to Amanda, Ava, Tammy, and Steve, and if we missed you on the list, Happy Birthday to you too from all of us at W-V-B-I and your Beaver Island Community Center.

TRAFFIC: None, but let’s be careful out there.

On this date in 2020, Li Wenliang, a doctor in Wuhan, China, among the first to raise the alarm about a strange new virus, dies at 33 after contracting it. In early January, local police had reprimanded Li for ‘making false comments.’  It will turn out to be the first instance of many where silenced contrary voices about the nature of the virus turn out to be true. Also on this date in 1964, the British invade again as the Beatles land at New York’s Kennedy Airport. Fans welcome the quartet with a high-pitched hysteria, but this time the invaders only burn up the charts, not the White House.

On this day image

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Our Merriam Webster Word of the Day is absolve (verb) [ub-ZAHLV]. To absolve someone is to free them from a responsibility or commitment, or from the consequences of guilt. The act of absolving can be seen as releasing someone from blame or sin, or “loosening” the hold that responsibility or guilt has on a person, which provides a hint about the word’s origins. Absolve was adopted into Middle English in the 15th century from the Latin verb absolvere [ab-salvh-er-ay] (“to release, acquit, finish, complete”), formed by combining the prefix ab- (“from, away, off”) with solvere, [salvh-er-ay] meaning “to loosen.” Absolve also once had additional senses of “to finish or accomplish” and “to resolve or explain,” but these are now obsolete. Solvere [salvh-er-ay] is also the ancestor of the English words solve, dissolve, resolve, solvent, and solution.

Now, to wrap up for this Beaver Island Wednesday

Here’s a thought for the day from Dr. Li Wenliang, the Chinese ophthalmologist who raised the first alarm about COVID-19: “I believe that a healthy society should not have only one voice.”


On a lighter note: Did you hear about the band meeting where the Beatles worked on ideas for the ending of Hey Jude? Paul asked if anyone had suggestions. John said, “Nah.” George said, “Nah.” Ringo said, “Nah.”

That’s the W-V-B-I Community Calendar for this Beaver Island Wednesday, February 7th, 2024. I’m Kevin Boyle, reporting from W-V-B-I’s Langford Family Studios wishing you a great day and asking you: why not go ahead and make it the best day ever? And thanks for listening. 



Patchy fog before 10am. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a high near 41. South wind 5 to 10 mph.


Mostly cloudy, with a steady temperature around 37. Southeast wind around 5 mph.


A 40 percent chance of showers after 1pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 47. Southeast wind around 10 mph.

Thursday Night

Showers likely, mainly before 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 39. Breezy, with a south wind 15 to 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%.


Mostly cloudy, with a high near 41. Breezy, with a southwest wind around 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph.

Friday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 30.


Mostly cloudy, with a high near 34.

Saturday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 26.


Mostly cloudy, with a high near 32.

Sunday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 25.


Mostly cloudy, with a high near 32.

Monday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 24.


Mostly cloudy, with a high near 31.