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Community Calendar for Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

On Friday, Pellston Public Schools made a historic trip across the Mackinac Bridge driving the first electric school bus to cross the bridge into the U-P. The bus is one of four purchased with an almost one point six million dollar grant from the E-P-A. The new busses replace all but one of the busses used to get Pellston area kids to class.

N-C-M-C has announced the topics for their fall lecture series that you can attend either online or in person. The series kicks off on the 29th with an in depth look at the current status of Monarch Butterflies and what you can do to help them thrive. October 13th will feature a look at E-Vs on how keeping them charged will work in rural areas followed by a session on 20th about the new hazards faced by emergency responders when dealing with an E-V crash. Also on deck our sessions on housing, weather for the winter and quilting. There’s a link with more info in today’s script online:


Long Road Distillery and the Harbour Bodega have just announced that they will team up to offer a special dinner at the BIC Center coming up on the 22nd of this month.  It will feature a four course dinner from the Bodega along with a presentation on distilling along with demonstrations on creating mixed drinks and infusing spirits…all with hands on practice at your table. The theater will be set up with dinner tables in a speak easy atmosphere. Tickets are $65 at tickets dot bic center dot org.


The C-O-A says that the Beaver Island office is closed until further notice. For meal vouchers, please call 231-237-0103.

Now, here’s a look at what else is happening on your island…


Here’s your meeting planner for the week: Transportation Board meets today at noon. Peanie Township Board meets this evening at 5:30. St. James Board meets Wednesday evening at 5:30. That’s it for the week. More details are in the calendar entries online.


On the fun front today, the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program is in the Hangout at 9:00. Pickleball is on the outdoor courts at Peaine Township Park at 9:00. At 10:00, there’s a Veteran’s Social at the BIC Center running until 2:00. If you are a vet drop by to pick up a free COA meal voucher. Also, it’s Taco Tuesday at the Bodega.


Wednesday, there’s a Dark Sky dark sky guided viewing opportunity at 5:30 a.m. at the Gull Harbor Nature preserve. View the waning Crescent Moon rising over Lake Michigan accompanied by Venus, Orion and the Pleaides. Then, in the evening at 5:30, there’s a Dark Sky presentation at the BIC Center by Robert Parrish. He’s been working with the Dark Sky team on the island and helped create and now manages a dark sky park in Cass County downstate.  Also Wednesday there is evening Pickleball is at 6:00. That’s over on the outdoor courts at Peaine Township Park.


Thursday, gets going with Pickleball outdoors on the Township Courts. There’s Women’s Bible Study at 10:00 at the Christian Church. Resale Shop open noon to 4:00. Games Galore at the BIC Center at 1:00. It’s Burger & a Beer Night at the Shamrock. And, with a new moon Thursday night on the Dark Sky Calendar, it’s a perfect time for another Guided Dark Sky Viewing opportunity with Robert Parish and Bill Markey. Come to the Little Bay Nature Preserve at 10:00 p.m. for this for a chance to view Saturn and Jupiter.  Also, Zodiacal Light should be visible and maybe the Northern Lights.


On Friday, things kick off with senior coffee and donuts at the BIC Center at 8:00. Then, the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program is upstairs in the Hang Out at 10:30. The Resale Shop is open from noon to 4:00. B-I-C-S Soccer and Volleyball squads head out Friday afternoon for their second go of the season up in Big Bay.


Saturday has Pickleball outdoors on the Peaine Township Park courts from 9:00 to 11:00. The Resale Shop will be open from noon to 4:00. Lego Club is at the library at 1:00. And, Saturday evening, movies are back at the BIC Center. The show is Asteroid City. It’s the story of a family that heads to Asteroid City for some star gazing only to have their lives changed forever.  Directed by Wes Anderson, it follows his eclectic film design that has been a hit in other films shown at the BIC Center including the Grand Budapest Hotel, Isle of Dogs and the Fantastic Mr. Fox. See it on the BIG Screen with the BIG SOUND in the BIC Center Theater the way movies were meant to be seen. Rated PG-13. The Concession stand will be open for snacks, a meal or both.


Sunday there are services at the Episcopal Mission at 9:00, the Christian Church and the Lighthouse Fellowship at 10:00 and mass at Holy Cross at 12:15.


Looking ahead to next week…


Monday is a quiet day on the island. The only thing on the Calendar other than the meetings is Pizza Night at the Shamrock.

NAME OF DAY: Today’s BIC Center name of the day is Sawyer. If that’s your name, drop by the BIC Center today for a free drink of your choice.


BIRTHDAYS:  Saygun Crosswhite, William Lemmink, Colleen Hoeksema and Sue Solle celebrate today. Happy Birthday to Sue, Colleen, William and Saygun and, if we missed you on the list, Happy Birthday to you from all of us at W-V-B-I and your Beaver Island Community Center.

TRAFFIC: It’s really quiet on the island today with summer behind us and the Feile wrapped up. But remember that school is back in session. So, let’s be careful out there, especially in the school zone.

ON THIS DAY in 1958 Jack Kilby successfully tests the first integrated circuit at Texas Instruments to prove that resistors and capacitors could exist on the same piece of semiconductor material. His circuit consisted of a sliver of germanium with five components linked by wires. Along with Bob Noyce, he is considered the inventor of the integrated circuit (IC).

Kilby integrated circuit

WORD OF THE DAY: Our Merriam-Webster Word of the Day is fallible (adjective) [FAL-uh-bul], which means “capable of making mistakes or being wrong.” “Humanum est errare” [hoo-mahh-um est are-ay] is a Latin expression that translates as “To err is human.” Of course, cynics might say that it is also human to deceive. The history of the word fallible simultaneously recognizes both of these character flaws. In modern usage, fallible refers to one’s ability to make mistakes, but it descends from the Latin verb fallere, [fal-arh-ay] which means “to deceive.” Fallible has been used to describe the potential for error since at least the 15th century. Other descendants of fallere [fal-arh-ay] in English, all of which actually predate fallible, include fallacy (the earliest, now obsolete, meaning was “guile, trickery”), fault, false, and even fjail. Whoops, we mean fail.

Now, to wrap up for this Beaver Island Tuesday…in an infallible way

Here’s a thought for the day from integrated circuit inventor Jack Kilby: “There was a space program before there was integrated circuits.”


On a lighter note: Moore’s law states that the density of transistors on silicon doubles every two years.


This is usually done by making them smaller.


Therefore, less is Moore’s.

That’s the W-V-B-I Community Calendar for this Beaver Island Tuesday, September 12th, 2023. I’m Kevin Boyle reporting from W-V-B-I’s Langford Family Studios wishing you a great day and asking you: why not go ahead and make it the best day ever? And, thanks for listening. 



Cloudy, with a high near 57. North wind 10 to 15 mph.


Mostly cloudy, with a low around 49. North wind 5 to 15 mph.


Mostly sunny, with a high near 67. North wind 5 to 10 mph.

Wednesday Night

Mostly clear, with a low around 36. North wind 5 to 10 mph.


Sunny, with a high near 69. Northwest wind 5 to 10 mph becoming southwest in the afternoon.

Thursday Night

Mostly clear, with a low around 53.


Mostly sunny, with a high near 72.

Friday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 55.


Partly sunny, with a high near 72.

Saturday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 53.


A chance of showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 69.

Sunday Night

A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 51.


A chance of showers. Partly sunny, with a high near 67.

Fire danger level on the island is: Low.

Out on the Big Drink…


N wind 15 to 20 kt. Cloudy. Waves 2 to 3 ft.


N wind around 10 kt. Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny. Waves around 1 ft.


NW wind 5 to 10 kt becoming WSW in the afternoon. Sunny. Waves 1 ft or less.

Water Temps: 65 in Little Traverse Bay. 64 at mid-lake buoy southwest off Gull Island. Sleeping Bear is sleeping. 64 up in the straights.

Photos from Buoy Camera at station 45002