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Community Calendar for Holocaust Remembrance Day, Friday, January 27th, 2023

From our Langford Family studios on America’s Emerald Isle, this is the W-V-B-I Community Calendar for Holocaust Remembrance Day, Friday, January 27th, 2023.

First some news…


The Northern Islander is headed back to its home at the Print Shop.  The Historical Society announced yesterday that it will purchase the island’s monthly newspaper that bears the name of the publication printed at the Society’s main museum. They’ll also acquire the Beaver Beacon…all of this in a transaction with current towner Cynthia Johnson. B-I-H-S director Lorin Taylor-Blitz says the Islander will continue as a Monthly publication while the Beacon will become a semi-annual glossy magazine.  A transition is expected in the spring.


Up in the U-P, Rudyard has declared itself the Snowy Owl Capital of the state. That’s because bird counts show that more snowy owls come to the area around Rudyard than any other place in the state.  Of course, the elusive birds are also seen on the island. They are away for the winter now, but will return when the weather starts to warm up.


A third snow event for the week is headed towards the state today with this one having the biggest impact on the West side of the L-P along the Lake Michigan coast. It’s the first Alberta Clipper event of the year say forecasters with plummeting temperatures and lake-effect snow. The southwest corner of the state and areas around Ludington could see up to a foot of snow. Once again, the higher snowfall amounts will be well south of us. We’re looking at around two inches on the island, but it will get cold as the clipper moves through. Highs in the teens are expected this weekend with some single-digit nights next week.




Have you run the J-TAC speed test at your house yet?  If not, there are instructions and a link to it on the B-I-A website at Beaver Island Association dot org. There’s also a link in today’s script online. Getting as many test results as possible is critical to funding and broadband improvements on the island according to the Committee.

Now, here’s a look at what’s happening on your island…


Here’s your meeting planner for next week: Peaine Township Planning Commission has a meeting set for 9:00 on Wednesday morning.  And that’s it for the week. Details are in the calendar entry online.


On the fun front today, Friday, there is COA Chair Yoga at 10:00 and then Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program at 10:30. Both are up in the Hangout. Resale Shop is open again from noon to 4:00. Friday afternoon there’s a special extra movie showing at the BIC Center. It’s Disney’s Rise, which tells the stories of the first ever trio of brothers to make it to the N-B-A.  It’s a great basketball story for the whole family. Showtime is 4:00.  You might have an opportunity to meet and great members from the B-I-C-S Islanders basketball squads at the show.


Saturday, the Resale Shop is open from noon to 4:00. At the BIC Center, movies are on tap. The 4:00 show is The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild. Our pals drop through an ice hole into the Lost World and the Land of the Dinosaurs. Fun for the whole family, it’s rated P-G. At 7:00, it’s Father of the Bride with Andy Garcia and Gloria Estafan. Rated PG-13, it’s a fun rom-com that even dads will enjoy. Both shows on the BIG screen with the BIG sound in the BIC Center Theater. Concession Stand open all day for both shows for snacks, a meal, or both.  No charge for admission but remember your free-will donation helps keep the great movies coming to the BIC Center.


Sunday there are services at the Christian Church at 10:00 and mass at Holy Cross at 12:15.


Looking ahead to next week…


C-O-A Chair Yoga is a great way to start your week.  It starts at 10:00 up in the Hangout.


Tuesday, Talking Threads will be crafting out at the Peaine Township Hall starting at 9:00. Pickleball is on from 10:00 to noon in the Theater at the BIC Center. The Arthritis Foundation Exercise program is on at 10:30 in the Hangout. Tuesday evening, it’s time to get quizzical with the BIC Center’s Trivia Contest.  There’ll be snacks and pizza to fuel the competitive fun. B-Y-O-B if you like.  Let’s Get Quizzical gets underway at 6:00 up in the Hangout.


Wednesday, there is COA Chair Yoga at 10:00, and C-O-A’s Bingo is on at 1:00 up in the Hangout with lots of fabulous prizes.  Time for Art continues Wednesday evening from 5 to 7 at the BIC Center.


Thursday, Pickleball is 10:00 to noon in the Theater at the BIC Center. Tai Chi is also at 10:00 in the Hangout. Women’s Bible Study is on the calendar over at the Christian Church.  At 1:00, there’s Story Hour for preschoolers at the library.  Resale shop is open from noon to 4. And, Euchre is on tap at Whiskey Point Brewery Thursday, too. Cards hit the table at 7:00.


BIRTHDAYS:  John McCafferty senior, Elaine West, and Shaun Markey are all celebrating today. Julie Gillespie, Rachael McCafferty and Vaughn Siller celebrate Saturday. Happy Birthday to Rachael, Julie, Elaine, Vaughn, Shaun and John and if we missed you on the list, Happy Birthday to you too from all of us at W-V-B-I and your Beaver Island Community Center.

TRAFFIC:  None. Zip, Nothing. But, snow is on the way to make things slicker, so let’s be careful out there.

ON THIS DAY in 1945 the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated by the Red Army and has since come to be recognized by the United Nations as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. U-N Resolution 60 slash seven establishing the event urges every member nation of the U.N. to honor the memory of Holocaust victims, six million Jews, “one third of the Jewish people, along with countless members of other minorities,” and encourages the development of educational programs about Holocaust history to help prevent future acts of genocide.

WORD OF THE DAY: Our Merriam Webster word of the day is wangle (verb) [WANG-gul], which means “to get (something) by trickery or persuasion.” You may have noticed a striking resemblance between wangle and wrangle, both of which have a sense meaning “to obtain or finagle.” But the two do not share a common history: wrangle is centuries older than wangle, and despite their overlap in both meaning and appearance, wangle is believed to have evolved separately by way of waggle, meaning “to move from side to side.” (Wrangle, by contrast, comes from the Old High German word ringan, meaning “to struggle.”) It’s possible, though, that wangle saved the “obtain” sense of wrangle from the brink of obsolescence—until recent decades, this usage had all but disappeared, and its revival may very well have been influenced by wangle. We wish we could wangle conclusive evidence to support this theory, but alas!

Now, to wrap up for this Beaver Island Friday…

Here’s a thought for the day from General and President Dwight David Eisenhauer who lead the liberation of Europe and worked to document evidence of the Holocaust: “The middle of the road is all of the usable surface. The extremes, right and left, are in the gutters.”


On a lighter note: Why did the broth taste funny?  It was a laughing stock.

That’s the W-V-B-I Community Calendar for this Beaver Island Friday, January 27th, 2023. I’m Kevin Boyle reporting from W-V-B-I’s Langford Family Studios wishing you a great day and asking you: why not go ahead and make it the best day ever? And, thanks for listening. 


Today – Winter Weather Advisory Noon to 10pm

Snow showers, mainly after 1pm. Widespread blowing snow after 1pm. High near 32. Breezy, with a south wind 15 to 20 mph increasing to 20 to 25 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 45 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Total daytime snow accumulation of around 2 inches.


A 20 percent chance of snow showers before 10pm. Patchy blowing snow before 7pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 18. Breezy, with a west wind around 20 mph, with gusts as high as 35 mph.


Cloudy, with a high near 21. Northwest wind 5 to 15 mph.

Saturday Night

Cloudy, with a low around 15. North wind 5 to 10 mph.


Mostly cloudy, with a high near 21. North wind around 10 mph.

Sunday Night

Cloudy, with a low around 10.


Cloudy, with a high near 15.

Monday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 7.


Mostly cloudy, with a high near 19.

Tuesday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 11. Breezy.


Mostly cloudy, with a high near 19. Breezy.

Wednesday Night

Mostly cloudy, with a low around 9. Blustery.


Mostly cloudy, with a high near 18.